If you need a custom made enlarger lensboard with a specific lens thread size, a threaded lens flange, a lens adapter or a lens threaded ring, please contact:

If you need to send any part to me, the address is:
Jose Meneses
Rua Bombeiros Voluntarios
LT 9 – 3 C
3025-284 Coimbra

On May 2024:
I am looking for some Beseler and Jobo items for my new darkroom
For the Beseler 23C II enlarger, I am looking for a 4.5x6cm film carrier.
For the Jobo CPA2, I am looking for:
Test Drum 2820, Jobo Drum 2830 and 2840 for prints;
Multi Drum 3062 and 3063 for prints;
Multi Tank 5 and 6 for film, four film reels 2502, cog lids for tank system 2500;
a Jobo Process Timer 8.
If you have one of these without any use for it, can make an arrangement with adapters or lensboards you need from me.
I am now also looking for some items for large-format camera
4×5″ sheet film holders;
13x18cm sheet film holders;
a 6×7, 6×9 or 6×12 roll film holder.

Based In Portugal. Shipping Worldwide.

For clients in the European Union, the vat tax is added to the total value of each order. is a website, a Portugal based professional photographer that, for photographing museum artifacts, has designed and modified many equipment he uses on studio.

Proudly made on a craftsmanship workflow basis, all adapters are made and tested one by one.

As I am also working on some of my photography projects, now items are usually shipped within 2 to 10 working days.

When shipped, an email is sent to you with the mail tracking number, or with the registered mail number.

Vat number PT202933610